If Artists Ran the World… by Alison Nicholls

Alison Nicholls

What if Artists Ran the World…

What if Artists really did Run the World? Here are some changes I think you might see. Please let me know what I missed!

1.Being caught with clean fingernails would be a social disgrace.

2.There would be a free supply of non-habit forming, healthy tablets (tasting like your favorite chocolate) to treat self-doubt.

3.Bubble-wrap, foamcore and duct-tape would be delivered free with the mail.

4.Art would be compulsory in school, as it always should be. (ooh..a serious one…)

5.Aprons would be the height of fashion.

6.American artists who donate their work to non-profits would be allowed to deduct the fair market price on their tax return, rather than just the cost of the materials used to make the art. (oh no, another serious one..)

7.Rejection letters from exhibitions and juried shows would be accompanied by a $50 voucher for your local art supplies store, to ease the pain.

8.People who send email scams to artists would be forced to work, without pay, in an artist’s studio for a year, doing unpleasant work like submitting tax returns and filing rejection letters (assuming the scammer hasn’t really shipped all their worldly goods and relocated to another country). (That is an inside joke for artists. If you’ve ever received a scam email you will know what I mean.) Under no circumstances would these scammers be allowed the wonderful tasting self-doubt tablets.

Ahhh, what a wonderful world it would be…

Until then I’ll just have to pay for my own art materials, experience debilitating self-doubt and continue scrubbing my fingernails before I go out in public!

Art Inspired by Africa and Conservation
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